– I always dress in baggy clothes when I travel in central Asia, South East-Asia….I like to stay low profile.

– Been solo, I’m more careful where I sleep at night. I like to stay with local people. If a man invite me to stay at his house, I make sure he’s married. 

– Been solo, man often asking me if I’m married. In order to avoid to many questions, I usually said I’m married. I carry with me a picture of my ex-boyfriend;

– Pepper spray (I never had to use it but….it is nice to have it with you). However, I think it should only be use as a last solution because it can increase the agressivity).  I’m also carrying with me a alarm (buzzer). Its always beside me when I’m sleeping;

– Trust your inner voice. If you don’t feel it, listen at yourself. Mine, is usually right. Now, I have a sixth sence and feel things I may would not have perceived before. This is experience.

– In most of under- develop countries, it is unusual for a man to touch a women (not marry). Don’t be afraid to let the other knows you need your space or you don’t want to be touch. It show your limit and shows you are confident. 

–  In my front handle bar’s bag, I always have ready a pen and a pencil. If someone is bothering me, I say POLICE and  take the pencil and paper. Then, I start writting the car’s plate. It has always work really well. 

– Girl’s period: Tampax can be difficult to find in some countries and it is not environnement friendly. I use a diva cup.


Carry with you some pictures of your family. You can show it to your guess. Usually, family is very important for them and it will please them;

I never give money when I’m staying with families. I’m in favor of equal relationship. Are we giving money when we are invited for dinner to a friend. However, it can be nice sometime to give a small souvenir from you. I like to give a photo of me on the roadOn the road, I like to stop to different Canadian’s embassadies. Normally, they always have little souvenir from Canada such as tags, stickers, pencils, candies….;


Sometime, you may not be able to have access to any running water to wash you at the end of day. Baby wipe can be useful. It is also possible to find in outdoor adventure’s shop dehydrated wipe’s tablet. When you put the tablet in very little quantity of water it puff.  

If a dog is running after you, sttop your bike and shut at them outloud. NEVER run away at least you are hundren pourcent sure you are faster. I’m also carrying with me a Dazzer . This small box emits ultrasound that scared dogs. It works !!) or / and have a stick near by on your back bags. It can be purchace on the net;

When looking for a place to stay for the night, It can be hard to communicate with the local. Find someone who speack in english and ask this person to translate a note for you (ex: Hi ! I’m a french Canadian….can I put my tent behind your house….). It may also be nice if you are adding a little bit more information about yourself.

Of course, learn some basic words ;

I have a double of my debit and visa’s card. They are taped in my back panniers.

I have a false wallet in my front handle bar bag. I always have few dollars for the days and a false credit and debit card.




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