Dushanbe 2

Got it ! I was so nervous when I went to pick it up at 10h am yesterday morning. Plus, the permit was not ready at 10h . I had to go back at 14h. When your whole journey has been plan for something, plus you need a permit to get there, It can be a little stressful.


I’m very happy that I have moved to the Adventure’s Inn. It is more friendly ! Its a cheap place to stay. You can pitch your tent for 6 $ per night. So, of course, its the gathering place for cyclists. I meet a Germain’s women. She has also started her trip more than 3 months ago in Europe. We will bike for a while together….

Yesterday and today, I have spend some times at the market and Bazaar to buy some food for the road and clothes. I should not be able to have any supermarkets, only small shops on the road.


Its getting very hot here. Its almost scary lololol. But everytime, I try to remind me that I have bike in Pakistan at 50 degres… One day at the time. On the plateau, it will be much colder but, still a week or two in the crazy heat ! So, I bought baggy clothes to cover up my skin from the sun but also because where we are going, people keep their tradition. It is maybe more appropriate and safe if I dress as them too,  I’m going to be so cute 😉 ! I have also bought a local map. The girl I meet few days ago gave me all the checkpoints location. As me, she did not want to sleep near by any military control. Everything went really fine for her but….you don’t want to cross a checkpoint at 20h at night. They know that you are no so far away….You never know….So, this is good. We can plan our day according the pass and military checkpoints.

So, between here and Khorong, I dont think I’m going to have internet access…However, as soon as I have a connection, I will write a little something. I know some are worry for me.

Tajik people are very nice but I could not say that Dushanbe is a very nice city. There is nothing so much special. However, people are lovely, there are not too much traffic, its is a very clean town and It feel safe to walk around. I guess the only reason tourists are coming here is to bike the Pamir or to hike in the mountains. You should check on internet. I think there are so many trekking routes in the mountain. The country on itself is very safe. Their are no taliban here 😉 and its very cheap. A lot of people are going to Nepal but..maybe you should check about Tajikistan !



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