Turkey 5

The ramadam has started on june 28 for muslim people. In Turkey, 98 % of the population is muslim. They are fasting from dawn until sunset. They refrain from consuming food, drinking liquids, smoking, and engaging in sexual relations. Food and drink is served daily, before sunrise and after sunset. The teenager are starting to do the ramadam when they are 15 years old. After Yusufeli, I had the chance to spend one meal for the ramadam with a nice family in a village. The sun was going down. I was in this narrow gorge and I could not find any places to put my tent. I went in this mountain village and ask to put my tent somewhere but in the village, there were no flat spot because the village was building on the mountain. Ramadam is good for cyclists. Usually, when I stay with local families, I use to eat very late (21 h30..). . So in ramadam, they are having donner at 20h and the table is ready at 19 h 50 lololo !!! That was very good for me !


I got another ride in a bus from Arvin to Savsat. I was happy…to get to Savsat, it was a 50 km uphill ! Then, I have biked 25 km up hills to get on a top of a beautiful pass. In Turkey, it is crazy how the landscape can chance from one valley to the other one. From one side of the valley, it was looking like switzerland and on the other side, it was looking …I Guess….like Mongolia. Im very happy i change my route and went away of the sea coast. And Im sure….there are so many other beautiful places that must be seen in this giant country. Well..who knows..I may come back one day !




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