Turquie 4



Thank for my warm shower host in Trabzon. It was very nice to have a rest and do NOTHING !! Not so true…I have completed almost all the paperwork for my Tadjikistan LOI with Stan tour. Unfortunatly, the pamir is still closed. However, everything can changes in the next 3 weeks. If its still closed, we Will just go through another road to get to kirghistan.

on the road, i had heard many good thing about the mountain located in the north east of TUrkey. Howevere, i was not sure if i wanted to do this road because i have dealine and i need to be in Yeraven (Armenia) around july 20 to meet Mohammed in Dushambe (Tadjikistan). I have also found someone in georgia who Will keep my bike while i Will be hiking in kazbegie national park. But !!!! Everyone knows how bad i love the mountain. I could not believe i would have ride my bike so close on the sea side without going in this paradise. So, here Im….now in Yusufeli. I took a truck ride to skip the pass which is the highest one in Turkey. The landscape was blowing my mind. It was like  switzerland but with  nice mosquée. The truck driver left me in Ispir. Then, the road between Ispir to yusufeli (80km) is mostly downhill. This road is very remote. Only fews villages….i had to buy food for two days. This road is one of the most beautiful i have ever ride in my Life ! The road goes down a deep gorge and it follows a very nice river. The climat is very dry and once in a while, the are some very small villages located into nice oasis. I have never been in Nevada, Mexico or morocco but, this arseems to be a mix of those countries. If you are riding your bike between trabzon and batumi (georgia) on the sea coast, its a mistake lolololo !!!!!



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