Turkey (3)

YEEEEEEEEEE !!! Since 300 km, I’m riding my bike on a flat road. This stretch from Istanbul to Sinop was not easy….Actually, its not tru. The second part, Inebolu to Sinop, was much easier. Only few up and down. Plus, I had a very good time on this section. The  morning I left the hotel, as usual, an employe of a tea caffe has invited me to drink 2 tea. After, he bought me a nice cold bottle of water and he gave me some  cucumbers. Later, that same day in a local market, after I bought some veggies for my dinner (which I have not got the opportunities to eat yet), gave me a nice slice of water melon and some scrabble eggs. In the evening,  I have asked the hospitality to pitch my tent on local’s land….No way…I got a nice meal and a warm bed for the night. I was happy because later that night, it was raining. Thoses situation happen every day, many times….Actually, I would say that in all the travel I did in my life, Turkish people are  the most friendly peolple I have meet !


Yes, the road is finally flat. Sometime, I’m riding about 30 km per hoursif I have a nice head wind. The road is very busy but, there is a nice shoulder and the road is mostly along the sea side which is very nice.


But…..I hate tunnel. They make my whole body shack!!! They are so long !!! Some of them are about 2 km lenght. At least, they are lit. In Bosnia, some of them were pitch dark. IN Bosnia, I just could not believe it. Freaking dangerous ! Sometime, they had light at the beginning and then, no more in the middle ! Crazy !!! In France, you are not allowed to ride those crazy tunnels. The noise of the cars coming from behind (sound like a jet), limited space on the shoulders and those *&?&%?%&? sewer’s cracks that are perfectly aligned with your wheels.  I hate them !!! It is not that bad. I have light on my bike and usually, the drivers are friendly and give me space but…. I would not say that I would prefer climbing over the hills but, they are crazy  but much safer than in Bosnia.


Tomorrow, I’m visiting another host from warm shower in Trabzon. I’m going to stay there for 3 nights. After, 200 km and I’m in Georgia. I have heard so many goods thing about this country. I’m already planning to go on the Russian border for trekking. There are peaks over 5000 m in the national park of Kazbegi. I’m looking for the Khde valley, which is suppose to be one of the most beautiful remote place for trekking). I think it would be very hard to get by bike and a waste of a time ( I need to be  in Armenia mid july). So, I think I will get a public transportation from the capital to this park…..Everything can change, but right now, it is my plan.

Some people were curious to know how things are going since i’m alone. I love it ! More than what I would have thought. Actually, I’m never alone. As soon as I stop, people are coming to chat with me and most of the night, I’m staying with families. Travelling is so personal. I like this freedom and all those opportunitiues I’m creating. It is a very nice journey. Right now, I’m not looking to ride with anybody. It would be nice at night to be with other cyclists but during the day, it is great to go at your own pace. Every day, every hour, I enjoy it more and more.  Maybe my opinion would change if I was meeting a nice men lolololololol. I like it so much, now, I have started to do the same nightmare I was doing in my previous trip. I  dream that I’m coming back sooner to Canada !!! Then, I have dreamed that I was talking to my boss and announced her that I wanted to hit the road again… (it may happen….). In my dream, I just wanted to go back on the road. When I was in Canada, many times, I was dreaming that I was back on the road. I love it so much ! Its difficult to explain it but on the road, I feel I…I feel in harmony with myself.

Bad news, the Pamir highway is temporarly closed. The gouvernement have suspended any GBAO. Hopefully , this situation will change soon…Whatever, me and Mohammed are still going to Tadji. Stan tour operator has confirmed me that they are other options. If we are not allow to get to the Pamir, we can get to Kirghistan through Isfara or Batken north of Dushambe. But, I want to do the Pamir so bad. It was one the highlight of my trip ! I cannot believe I will be in Tadjikistan in less than a month.

Staying in a petro station for the night lolololo. The owner has invited me to stay there. Its very late (23h 57). I must go, the owner has just invited me for dinner ;).







4 réponses à “Turkey (3)

  1. Salut Ge,
    Mon 1er jour de vacance!! J’en profite pour rattraper le temps perdu et lire la suite de ton aventure sur ton blogue! Wow!! Ton aventure est super!! Je suis étonné d’arriver à aussi bien te lire en anglais.;-). Les photos sont supers et j’apprécie bcp le fait qu’elles soient en HD. C’est rare pour ce genre de blogue, et ça fait toute une différence par tout les détails qu’on peut apprécier!
    J’espère que ton problème pour la Pamir Hwy va se régler à temps!
    Ici, nous on part en camping en fin de semaine sur le bord d’un lac (j’adore cette saison de la baignade naturelle dans nos lacs et rivières), puis dès mercredi, c’est notre départ pour 17 jours en France avec les boys!
    Wish you the best, my friends!
    Take care,

    • Lololo, je savais pas trop qu’elles étaient en HD mais oui, je suis HYPER satisfaite de mon appareil photo. Je me plais vrm bcp et j aime être seul sur la rte..plus que ce que j avais pense. Pour la Pamir ça me fait foutrement chier sérieux. C st ultime de l, ultime, the remote beauty for any adventurious cyclist. Je suis si proche. Je peux pas y croire…en tk..ça peut encore changer….
      Profite bien de tes vacances en famille. Je vais commencer a ajouter des vidéo sur Mons blog.
      Je suis très prudente.
      Je vais essayer d aller faire de la rando ds le nord de la georgie ds le parc de kazbegie. Va voir sur internet, c est malade. Je veux aller rejoindre la valley sno valley.

      • salut ma belle Geneviève!
        tu me fais rêver, c’est très bon de te lire et de voyager avec toi. Ma fille plante des arbres avec ton imper, merci encore.
        Ici, on pense à toi et on pédal autrement, hé hé hé xoxo

      • Salut Hélène !
        Ça fait plaisir d avoir des nouvelles. Contente que ta fille profite bien du manteau. Il doit faire chaud par l’as bas aussi pour récolter. Est ce qu elle aime ça ? Tu te demandais si ce travail serait trop difficile pour elle ….je m envol pour le Tajikistan ce soir. Je suis a la fois très excité et nerveuse. Étais suppose de rejoindre un ami et ça la tombe a l eau. Je vais maintenant sur la pamir seul. Je suis présentement en contact cependant avec une fille qui vient de compléter ce bout en solo et elle m a dit que ds tout les endroit, c est au Tajikistan et sur la pamir qu elle s est senti le plus en sécurité. C est rassurant !!!!
        A bientôt xxxx


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