Turquie 2

Last monday, I was happy to be back on the road. Unfortunatly, I have not got any good rest in Istanbul. I had so many things to do…Actually, I don’t know much what I did, but it took all of my time. I meet my Polonese friend in Sile on black sea coast Monday evening. We biked few days together. We cracked a beer for his 3000 km on the road. Emilio is planning to do a loop and go in Iran.  He got sick on the road so our road slit. I’m on my own again. However, this road seems to be very popular because I already meet 3 others cyclists.


In 7 days, I did about 600 km from Istanbul. Considering the road, it is very good. This north route is so hard ! Few months ago, I have read a book written by a french canadian men who has walked around the world during 12 years. One of his hardest moment was on the coast of the black sea. He was carring all of his belonging in a babystroller and he had to push the stroller up and down. Today, I’m feeling very exausted. Today, I was pushing my bike over very smalls hills. So, I have decided to finally take the rest I was dreaming about since many weeks lololol. Im on holiday right ! I sleep all day in a nice bungalow over the beach and I have enjoyed a nice dinner. Very cheap, the room was 20 $ but…still expensive for me. No money for a year !


Other than not having any holiday since many weeks :), I was also wandering why I was so exhausted. So, I did some reseaches on the web…Wow ! I’m so proud of me. Here is a bit of information to help you to understand the road Im doing right now. Me and Martine have bike 1 900 km. From Trieste to Istanbul, we have climb about 13 000 meters in 5 weeks. From Istanbul to here, I have climb more than 9 000 meters in 6 days !!!! And, it is crazy hot. The last two days, I have started to bike very early in the morning. So, if you want  to bike the north coast of Turkia, it is beautiful but you need to be ready lololol !!!! It is not finish yet. I still have 160 km of hard road to do. After, from Sinop to Tranzon, the local people say that it’s a motorway. So, it will be much faster.



In a day, I may climb about 20 hills and it’s probably more !! I believe in the last 6 days, I have climb more than 300 km. Its always uo and down: 1 km up, 1 km down and the road inclination vary from 6 to 10 %. So, Im very pround of me but, now I enjoy my break, sleep, nice dinner and beer !!




Because it is so hot during the day, I enjoy stopping with the local to drink tea (Cay). Im in love with the Turkish people. They are so kind !! It very funny. I think I have very good communication abilities. The cyclists I meet  along the way think I know the local langage. I know some words but not much. I communicate so easily with all of them. I’m even surprise ! Im doing the translation .




Im happy to be alone on the road. I enjoy to be free and because the road so so difficult, I can do it on my own pace. If miss fews things I had with Martine but I also enjoy to be alone in my tent lololol…do everything I want and have time for myself. I may be host by other warm shower member in Trabzon. By the end of June, I should be in Gorgia. Also, if nothing happen, Im meeting my Iranian friend around July 20 in Duhambe (tadjikistan). Then, we will ride the famous Pamir Highway together. However, to enjoy this beautiful back road, I’m planning to have a week off the road to rest in Armenia.



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