Turquie 1

The Croatian’s coast was stunning, Bosnia was gorgious Greece was like holiday and Turkia, what a great surprise.The road from the Greece’s border to Istanbul was not nice at all. We rode our bike on a big highway. HOWEVER, Turkish’s people have a great sense of hospitality. EVERYWHERE we stopped, people are giving us tea, yogourt…I was warning Martine everytime she wanted to stop in a gas station to pee : are you sure you don’t want to pee on the side of the road ! Some drivers were even giving us food throught out their window while they were driving.  I went in Turkya in my previous trip.The eastern turkish people have been very generous. But right now, it’s worth…in a good way ! Is it because we are two womans ! IM exciting to see how it will be when I will be alone.  When we ride near by them and then we say, Meraba (Hello),their face are glowing. I’m falling in love with them !


Once, we stopped in a yogourt’s shop and the owner gave us a cup of yogourt. By the way,  turkish yogourt is the best in the world. When we left, we saw another shop not far away. For joking, Martine said: I want to have a yogourt for tomorrow morning. Lets stop there to see what is going to happen. Guess what happen. Of course, she did not think she could not bring the yogourt. They thought it was our first yogourt so we had to eat it there. Few minutes before, I was complaining that my belly was hurting cause I had hate too much. I was laughting so much !!! I was almost crying. I could not believe how people were nice. Of course, they could not undertsand why I was laughting so much but, we all  laugh together !


Istanbul is not at all friendly biker. 17 millions of people are living is this beautiful city. We had to ride on the highway to get downtown. The traffic was crazy ! Its almost even more ridiculous how much tourist are visiting this city at the same time.  Its just unbelievable !Every street downtown are flood of people. Even at night. Incroyable, how the city get durty at night and how it is clean in the morning. The city worker are doing a torrific job. Compare to Istanbul, Martine she said that Montreal look like a village. Even with this massive amount of people, Istanbul feel as a very safe city. Istanbul is a beautiful city with a lot a history. However, as usual, I’m not really visiting anything. I’m trying to get a little bit of rest before heading back on the road. Enjoy the bed, the food…..


We have spend 4 nights in Istanbul. I brought my bike in a bike shop that was located to too far away from Taksim. For 45 euro, they did a great job (Pedal bisiklet). My bike was fine, but before I’m heading more east, I just wanted to make sure every parts is in good condition. We also stayed at the chillout cengo hostel near Taksim sqare. Very good place, clean, good hospitality and very well located ! Thank to them :www.cengohostelistanbul.com

Im going back on the road tomorrow morning. I have meet another cyclist at the hostel. He is going to meet me in Sile, 80 km on the north coast from Istanbul. Its going to be nice ! I need to start to take more care about how im going to be dress on the road….I M biking with my fisherman pant…no more thank top….and Im going to start to cover my hair with a scarf…

Martine is flying back monday. She is very sad. She loved it !!! She understands my passion for bike touring and why it makes me so happy ! I’m very very proud of her. She understood why I was so stress before to go on this trip. It was not alway easy but, I have nothing to say…..She is a bad ass !!!!



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