Greece (blog)

Wow wow wow !!!! The peninsula was unbelieveble. We were so happy that we had some loose time on our schedule !!! We have not been able to ride the third peninsula (mont Athos). This peninsula is forbinnen to women because many monks are living there. It is almost consider as a country on itself.  There are no cars, no electricty and you have only acces to it by boat ! This Chalcidique peninsula is a most to do ! Most of the beaches in greece on the island are rocky. There, no rocks, only sandy beaches !!!


Because the peninsula was not at all on the way we had planned, we had to find a way to get there faster ! I think in 3 days, I had never did so much itchicking ! Yes, with the two bikes. Many truckers stopped to help us. It was too easy !!!




A trucker from Greece bought us a AMAZING lunch in a restaurent. Incroyable. He was so happy to help us. At one point it was ridiculoys all the amount of food ! We meet for about 1 hour….Crazy how people can be generous  When we left, we bought us the biggest cone he could have found !

image image


We just cross in Turkya. We got at the border late yeaterday night. We got a nice room in the police station lololol We are planning to be in Istanbul thursday.



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