As soon as we got in Serbia, the sun came up ! It has rained the whole week we were in Bosnia. But, the beauty of this country has blew the cloud away. I must be crazy beautiful when it’s sunny !  We have’nt took so many pictures in Serbia.  We mainly ride our bike on the main road. The road we took was very busy and was passing trhu many big cities. The section we have done was mainly flat. It remember me a bit Italy. We were also very excited to get to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria to rest, shower, wash our clothes… We are presently host by warm shower members. In 3 weeks, we have only taken 24 hours break .  We were very exhausted from our past days and we were very excited to be in Bulgaria to have a rest with our warm shower host. I’m sorry if I have not update much lately my blog. I had some message We are so exausted at night and during lunch time… My body is use to be sit infront of a computer 5 hours a day…Now, my body has to get adapt to his new lifestyle.

After having discussed with one of my Iranian’s friend, I have to change to my plan itinary. Since 2012, there is no  canadian ambassady in Iran. The Canada was not agreeing with the tension in 201…. and they shut the ambassady. There is no Canadian’s representative in Iran  which was stressing me. What ever, I had been able to manage to bike with a another Iranian’s friend, Mohammed ( I have started the process from the paperwork, my friend in Teheran told my that right now the only way for me to go in Iran, is to hire a guide which was costing about 100 $ per day. Forget it !!! Plus, I would have to pay all of his expends ! Before I got this bad new…I had took a picture for my visa. Here is what I would have look in Iran. I kind of like the photo but I’m happy I won’t have to cover myself anymore. Iran is a beautiful country and and people are lovely !


A least, I had the chance in the past to visit this beautiful country. Instead, my friend Mohammed is starting his Visa process to bike the Pamir highway with me in July. We have meet on the road 7 year ago in Nepal He had just started his trip. Since then, he’s riding his bike around the world. Now , I have to change my plan and I’m going to bike in Georgia and maybe Armenia if I have some times.

As I said previously, we are ahead on our schedule because we are rocking ! We are planning tomorrow morning to head back south to Greece,. The weather is starting to warming up and we want to enjoy the beach. We will ride the coast toward to east and we are planning to be in Istanbul June 5.




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