Beautiful Bosnia ! What a stunning treasure. Not easy ….This country is very hilly but so worth it. It does look a bit as Austria but in a eastern way. In the last two weeks, we have travelled more than 860 km and I’m going to tell you what…it was not flat all the way. All these little houses on the mountain, those endless valley ! Between Tomislagrav and Jablanica, we went trhu a national park. Its was beautiful ! We were surrunden by high snow peak. During winter, people are doing ski over there. What a surprise when we got on the top of the plateau.  I believe the wind was about 80 + km  per hour. Now, Martine knows what is a face wind. A snap on the face as she says!! We were riding at about 6 km per hour…We were exhausted and we stop behind a concrete wall to eat. The wind was to crazy.



People from Bosnia are so welcoming and generous. Every 5 minutes, a driver is honking us to encourage us.  The local are greeting us from far away and are saying. Since the past weeks, the weather is pretty bad. Actually, in some places in Bosnia and Serbia, it’s a catastrophe ! There are major flooding ! Is this terrible weather is helping us !






Mostly every night, we stay with locals ! They are offering us a room, a dinner and a breakfast. There are all making sure we are alright ! But..burkkkkkkkk…everyone is smoking here ! So…..I’m happy sometime when we sleep in the tent lolololo. It can also believe exhauted to be with local every night, trying to communicate after a long day on the bike 😉 Have a look in the recipe’s section, I have post some local food.However, those are more what we ate a restaurent. With the local, we are eating more homemade, natural fodd such as , bread, pasta, cheese, plum’s product, Salami….As in Croatia, the are werving us snapch (alcool) and the / coffee. The people here are mostly drinking coffee.






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