Croatia 2

What a surprise when we got back on the coast. We thought the coast was not beautiful and busy traffic…. WOWWWWWWWW !!! I could have ride my bike endless time. Gentle up and down along the coast with very small villages. At night, we have pitched our tent on a top of  concrete fondation of a house infront of the water. People had notice us, but no one really care.





Until now, three words can describe our trip and Croatia: Its’s perfect, have you done it ! and are you willing too lolloll. As I said the coast is beautiful….. Have you done it ….I had a problem with my stomach since a week. Maybe the change of food, life style, the stress of the beginning (broken’s pedal). I had to take a laxatif this morning and he laxatif kick at lunch time when we were in a city. I just ran in a restaurent with my toilet paper lololol. Today, I feel a little better. Finally, everytime Martine want me to help her with something she says: are you willing too ! I think if we were betting, I would be rich !!!

Yesterday night, a guy gave me a fresh octopus. I had no idea how to cook it. I had some oil in the pan, a little bit of spice…There we go !!! It was delicious until I ate the head. Burkkkkkk..My mouth was full of ink !


Today, we are heading back to the mountain. We are heading to Bosnie. We meet a nice fellow from Portugal. He was riding his bike from his home’s town to Athene in Greece. I spend the lunch time with him. Good luck to you !!!



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