Croatie 1

We got in croatia two days ago. Martine, she’s kicking ass. After we left Trieste, we did 60 km and it was mostly up hill all the way. I’m glad. My knee does not hurt. Just before dinner, we meet a nice fellow. He also had travel on bike in the pass. He generouly paid for the petrol (stove) and he bought us a snack at the gaz station. As I did last summer, he wrote us a note that we shown later to people in order to have a place to camp on their land. Our first night, we pitch our tent on a nice couple’s land.



The next morning, we caught a ride with a pick up. We had already lost 1 day in Trieste and ahead, we had a huge 10 km up hill. We went straight into the tunnel. We were very happy!!!



Croatia is beautiful and the people are amazing. I did not had such a good experience in my revious trip (dubrovnik). Everyone is showing us the way out to city. People are also very curious. Last minute, we have decided to ride some islands. We are presently on KRK’s island and on our way to Rab’s island. It is more lay back than the coast ! Yesterday, we stayed with another fellow from Austria. He bought a second property here. He gave us wild pig that he’s dad hunt….. I think lololol !!! We communicate all night with gestures and simple words we have learn along the way. Martine is getting very good at it ! It is very funny to be surrenden by all of these langages. How impressive it is to spend night with local people and been able to undertand and communicate almost evertything. It is wanderful !!!




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