The flight went well. No jet lag. Typical, I had no map so we got lost a bit in Venise. We got on a very busy road. To be more safe, we walk with our bike in the grass between the road and the fence. This was a nice start !




We took a train to Trieste. We got there later than what we had expected. However, it was nice and easy because we were hosting there by warm shower’s host.





Sunday morning we bike our way out to Trieste. You won’t believe it, my pedal felt ! At the airport, I have not tight enought the pedal into the braquet so, I strip the inside part where the pedal is screw to the braket ! I thought I was dreaming !! I was so happy 5 minutes before to be finally on the bike. We were already about 25 km out of Trieste. From my past experiene, I know it is not easy to hitchike in Europe with a bicycle because the people have small cars. I did not have anymore our warm shower contact number, I could not ride my bike, no internet and people in Italiy does not speak in english. To do s short storie, we finally got a ride in a car with a rock climber. It is very funny because when he stopped at first, he thought we only needed information. When he went out of his car, I had already figure out how to put the two bicycle in his car without really having asking before. I was just so happy that someone stopped and we was looking relax so, I know it would not be so much a problem.



Monday morning, we went at a bike shop in Trieste. CLOSE !!! They were all close. Most of the shops in Italy are closed on Sunday and Monday. After few hours, we found a shop in Koper, slovenia. Immidiatly, I took the ferry from Trieste to Muggia with my bike and hithchike along the coast. A nice guy pick me up and he brought me straight to the front door of the shop (fun sport: The men at the shop was great. He fix the pedal so, I did not have to buy a new braquet !!! Including the ferry, it cost me 20 euro !!!! I’m learning from this experience. I need to be more careful with my gears and I consider myself lucky that this has happen in Europe and not in a remote place in the world !!!




The road long the adratic coast was beautiful ! Tomorrow, we are hitting back the road to Croatia. We’ll be riding the coast until Split. Then, we will head toward Bosnia. It won’t be easy, its suppose to be very hilly but it will be very beautiful. We are ready !!!





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